Tackling Design Debt With Carefully Considered Design QA

Design debt and why it should be taken seriously

“Design debt is the outcome of hasty feature implementation and development compromises that damage the integrity of user experience. Minor flaws and deviations accumulate with every sprint and eventually turn into an inconsistent, disjointed UI that delivers a disappointing experience.”

Where does design debt come from?

Test Your Designs!

When bad design can cost you

Design QA and how it helps in preventing design debt

What is design QA?

“Design QA is a verification and validation process designers conduct during every iteration to check if the UI of the actual build has any inconsistencies or deviations from the expected design output. In short, this means making certain that the design didn’t get messed up in the course of its implementation by developers.”

Why good UX/UI design matters

“With its origins in human factors, usability engineering has had considerable success improving productivity in IT organizations.”

Proactive solutions to dealing with design debt

Make design QA a part of your software development workflow

Involve developers in the design process

Measure design debt and set the right priorities for fixes

Build and maintain a design system

Reactive measures to eliminating design debt

UI refactoring

Unit testing

Hire a team

Regression testing

Final thoughts



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